Titans: Powerful, Important, Influential, Inspiring Community Members

noun   ti·tan \ ˈtī-tᵊn \
1. one that stands out for greatness of achievement

Kenneth Wajda, a master photographer  using a classic Hasselblad film camera from the 1970s and a 4×5 field camera, is creating a photography portrait collection of 20 top women and men in arts, sports, business and politics in Colorado, titled ‘Titans of Colorado’.

Who are these Colorado women and men who have been such leaders in their fields and a role model for so many others?  This portrait project will be presented as a photography show in a museum or gallery in Colorado, the location and date to be announced.

These women and men are titans of their fields, and Kenneth is documenting them with a format that is worthy of their accomplishments–actual film–so the photographs will live on in perpetuity, like those from photography titans of the past: Annie Leibovitz, Irving Penn, and Richard Avedon.

Inclusion in the project is by invitation only.  Project premiere target date: Autumn 2019.

Why Film?

Kenneth Wajda shoots with film for his fine art projects because he believes there’s a soul to an image made with silver halides that are exposed to light.  Plus, the negative is archival, so it can be preserved for generations to come much more securely than a digital file, which can be corrupted or lost.

Many of Kenneth’s commercial portrait clients have said the film portraits and the photographers working with film have a different way of working, a slower way of creating the image.  It’s not about quantity of shots made, but more about connecting with the portrait subject, and film is a medium that lets the photographer do that.

Connection is what Kenneth is seeking in his portraiture.

About Kenneth Wajda

Kenneth Wajda has been an award-winning professional photographer for over thirty years, making his living as a fine art photographer, photojournalist, commercial and advertising photographer.

He has photographed celebrities, politicians, authors, filmmakers,  musicians, actors and actresses.

His photographs have been published on book covers, web sites, magazines and newspapers, and have been added to private and corporate art collections.